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Finland's finest, and one of Fruits de Mer's favourite bands, finally deliver their own 7" for Fruits de Mer with new single on our Regal Crabomophone label. It combines the band's beautifully-measured reinterpretation of Van Der Graaf Generator's 'Afterwards' with an original song, 'Higher Than The Sun', that's understated but majestic in a Floydian moon/Stranglers 'Golden Brown' sort of way.
Just to make sure you won't be able to resist this one, we've created a 3D cover for it...
lovely stuff
of course you won't look silly wearing them
AND we'll even provide the 1950's-style 3D glasses to enhance your viewing pleasure - yes, we've lost it well and truly this time, it's the first 3D cover since....the last one (dear god, we're even including a fold-out poster of the cover with every copy - talk about going over-the-top)

Bet you'd like to HEAR something from the single - how about this for starters....

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