On sale June 11
new 7" on Fruits de Mer

you NEED this single

Thanks to The Pretty Thing's manager Mark St. John and Ugly Things' Mike Stax, I am absolutely bloody delighted to announce that The Pretty Things new 7" is out now, exclusively on FdM. It combines a stunning new live version of their classic R&B track 'Honey, I Need' (taken from their 2010 gig at the 100 Club, where they played the whole of their first album for the first time ever - soon to be released by the band on vinyl) with a previously-unreleased demo of 'I Can Never Say', found on a 1965 acetate - a real archive find! Quite possibly the UK's finest ever R&B/psych band with a new release that shows they're still brilliant live 40-odd years on...
I've pressed up 1,200 copies of this must-have 7" - I've instantly sold 800 through Fruits de Mer, Mike Stax has 200 to sell through Ugly Things in the USA and the band are making 200 available at their gigs around the globe.
Just to whet your appetite....

....there are three colour versions of the vinyl (if black is a colour) - almost too good to play - but not quite - you HAVE to play it, don't consign it to your record collection still in its wrapper
My supply has gone already but check our list of FdM-friendly shops to track down your copyMore Infoand then email me to get on the FdM mailing list for future releases, so you don't miss out in future.
If you want a specific vinyl colour (white, red or black), try Ugly Things magazine in the USA - Mike still has all three versions in stock - email uglythingsmag@gmail.com and tell him what you want...

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