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Crystal Jacqueline and The Honey Pot
double 7"

'Remember A Day' (written by Rick Wright, Pink Floyd)
'It's Raining' (witten by Icarus Peel)
'White Rabbit'(Jefferson Airplane)
'Tick Tock' (Fleur de Lys)
'Egyptian Tomb' (Mighty Baby)
'Puppets' (Curved Air)
'I Had Too Much To Dream' (The Electric Prunes)

it's a long story....(actually, it's also a short story)...

It began with a version of 'White Rabbit' that I loved but wasn't sure about releasing (as the Daedalus Spirit Orchestra had already released their interpretation of it on 'Keep Off The Grass'). It moved onto us discussing 'Puppets' as a track that i thought Crystal Jacqueline would absolutely nail and 'Egyptian Tomb' as a favourite track of mine that i hoped someone would take on one day...
...then things could a turn to the left as Icarus Peel debated whether individual tracks would be best recorded by Crystal or by his band The Honey Pot...and it just seemed that 'Crystal Jacqueline and The Honey Pot' would make a great title for a children's story...
...then a certain Andy Bracken came up with a short story based on the song titles...

...and somehow we've ended up with a double 7" - in a gatefold sleeve, with an 8pp booklet - that's packed with some great music (but if you bought Crystal's first 7" on FdM in 2013 you'll have seen that bit coming).
Artwork is by the hugely-talented Dale Simpson and we've had a lot of fun putting the whole 'conceit' together but, most of all, enjoy the music.

Here's a little background on the singer and the band...
Crystal Jacqueline is supported musically by Icarus Peel who plays the instruments and writes the original tunes and Brian Rushbrooke who provides percussion, drums and a deep musical knowledge and intuition. Her first album is titled " Sun Arise" and a 12" vinyl version of the LP will be available later in 2014.
On this project Jacqueline employs her talents on some of her most cherished musical memories, she is a huge fan of The Electric Prunes and a deep admirer of Sonja Kristina and Curved Air. She also allows "Remember A Day " to become a hazy invitation it is hard to resist.

as for The Honey Pot...they came together in 2010 and created the album "To The Edge Of The World" for the sheer enjoyment of purveying short pop-psyche songs decorated with a variety of voices. The singer left to follow love in the land of Hans Christian Anderson and the remaining four have played live to great acclaim throughout the South and West of England, and Reading. They produced a well received original contribution to the Christmas album "Home For Christmas" and here have contributed four of their favourite tracks, three of which are highlights of their live shows and one of which is an original.
Keyboards and singing are supplied by Crystal Jacqueline. Icarus Peel plays guitar and sings and writes the songs and wears the flowery shirts. The exotically named Wayne Fraquet beats the skins and ensures that everyone is cheerful and sprite, whilst bass player Tom Brown keeps the bottom end flowing, also contributing very fine vocals.

sorry - sold out here, but do check the 'Links' page for details of shops and online dealers that may well still have copies in-stock

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