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The League Of Psychedelic Gentlemen

'Rosemary's Eyes' - nick nicely
'I'm A Stone' - The Bevis Frond
'When I Was 46 (In The Year 13)' - Anton Barbeau/Three Minute Tease
'The Puppet Master' - Paul Roland

another cracking cover from Curvey

Would you believe it - sometimes a stupid, harebrained idea CAN become a reality.

"The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen - now that was a pretty ropey film, 'The League Of Psychedelic Gentlemen would have been a much better idea?", I thought to myself, one lager-fuelled day. Even sober, if still felt like a bloody good start-point for a record – all it needed was for four cult heroes of 'New Psychedelia' to be mad enough to agree to get involved
– some chance.
BR> So, after plucking up the courage to ask four musical mavericks whether they would ever, even vaguely consider, grovel, grovel….I staggered back to the comforting arms of Mr. Carlsberg when they all said, "yes" and I realised I had to get off my backside and pull a record together that would do them justice.

And here it is…old songs, new songs, archive recordings, new recordings – each artist has contributed a track to the ep to create a cracking little 33rpm 7" ep (remember those?) that gives you just a taster of what makes each Gent a English National Treasure (except Anton, he’s from Sacramento).
Buy the vinyl. tell your friends, buy up their back-catalogues, make each one of them a hero – they deserve it.

Here a taste of what's in store...

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another cracking cover from Curvey nick nicely - 'Rosemary's Eyes' - a new song, written and recorded by nick in October 2012

nick on 'Rosemary's Eyes' "...A single flash, a split second's illumination and there in a distorted mirror, horror at the world seen through someone else's eyes, no not any someone, could this be the devil's messenger? A vision intense, irreversible. Flight is still possible, escape can never be.
another cracking cover from Curvey The Bevis Frond - 'I'm A Stone' - a new song, written and recorded in autumn 2012

Nick Saloman on 'I'm A Stone' "........As an esteemed member of The League Of Psychedelic Gentlemen, I decided it was only fit and proper to record something new for the project, so I wrote a tune, and spent an afternoon in a studio in Hastings (which I discovered was closing down the following week) to record my opus. I played all the instruments (or did Ade Shaw play bass? I can't remember...oh dear) and I did all the vocals. I won't say I produced it, because 'production' actually amounted to getting the balance and levels okay, and that was that. I was quite happy with it when it was done, though it probably would have benefitted from a bit more time, but I'd only booked a few hours, and they were going to start dismantling the studio the next day!"

another cracking cover from Curvey Anton Barbeau/Three Minute Tease - 'When I Was 46 (In The Year 13)' - written by Ant
a few years back and re-recorded by him with his new band in autumn 2012

Ant on 'When I Was 46' "...written a few years ago, with me pondering our fate in the much-hyped soon-to-come 2012. And here it is now! Will we wake up on New Year's Day 2013 to find our digital watches no longer working? Regardless, the song has been re-made/re-modeled by Three Minute Tease, my band with Andy Metcalfe and Morris Windsor. We tracked the song at Pat Collier's studio in London, with additional German synths added just in the nick of time in that old Berlin..."

another cracking cover from Curvey Paul Roland - 'The Puppet Master' - unearthed from Paul archives exclusively for this EP

Paul on 'The Puppet Master' "This song was inspired by a story in one of the American horror comics such as 'House of Mystery' and 'House of Secrets' that used to keep me shivering under the bedclothes when I was a kid. Made more creepy by the voices of Robyn Hitchcock and Knox of the Vibrators on the chorus. It was a track intended for my second album 'House of Dark Shadows' (named after the cult US TV series which is now better known because of the Johnny Depp/Tim Burton movie, but which was then almost unknown in England.) This is a previously unreleased mix and edit from 1980 which was only recently discovered by a fan who sent it to me. I'd completely forgotten we'd made it!"

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