Free and exclusive to the first 100 people through the door (first-come-first-served) at Crabstock in Cardigan on April 26th, 2014, a Fruits de Mer compilation CD called 'Lobster Disque'...
sheer class
with the FdM catalogue number Promo 2, Lobster Disque pulls together well over an hour of exclusive tracks, new mixes and essential songs from artists who've been associated with Fruits de Mer over the years - a future collector's item maybe, more more importantly there's some great music to be heard on it...(please don't ask about buying copies, the deal with the artists and with the Crabstock organisers is that these will only be available at the event - there just MIGHT be a couple of copies after the event for a members club competition

Lobster Disque is split into three sections:

SECTION ONE : FdM’s first gig recordings from the Summer Fruits de Mer Alldayer at The Borderline, August 2013

1. Stay - ‘Super Heavy Soul Mammoth Explosion’ (3:33) written by the band
2. Sendelica - 'It Happened One Sunday Afternoon In Wales' (9:08) written by the band

SECTION TWO : Tracks from recent Fruits de Mer releases that you won’t have heard this way before...

3. Vespero - ‘Careful With That Axe, Eugene’ - the full version (8:53) Russia’s Vespero had to chop a minute from the Pink Floyd cover for their FdM 7”, here it is in its entirety
4. Crystal Jacqueline - ‘Puppets’ - psychedelic mix (4:00) A different mix to the version of the Curved Air track that is on ‘Crystal Jacqueline and The Honey Pot’
5. Schnauser - ‘Astral Traveller ‘- the full version (5:30) Blame me again - i asked the band to edit their Yes cover so i could press their FdM 7” at 45 rpm
6. Jack Ellister ‘The Man With The Biochopper’ - demo (3:32) The title track from Jack’s first single on FdM, but this is a raw demo from about 10 years ago - already compelling (written by Jack)

SECTION THREE : More exclusive/essential sounds by some FdM favourites...

7. The Luck Of Eden Hall - ‘The Curb’ (3:40) (written by Curvey) taken from their soundtrack to the film 'The Stream' - not released commercially
8. Jay Tausig - ‘Hallucinating Light’ (6:35) one-man band Jay’s interpretation of Roy Harper’s song
9. The Seventh Ring Of Saturn - ‘Turn to Straw’ (5:00) a newly-recorded version of the Ohio Express obscure album track from 1968
10. Anton Barbeau/Three Minute Tease - ‘Morning Sun’ (4:50) A new song from Ant and his band - and it features Nick Saloman guesting on lead guitar
11. Kamille Sharapodinov - ‘Rainbow Song’ (3:05) written by Kamille, the Grand Astoria’s lead guy with a track from his album, ‘Microcosmos Chronicles’
12. Us and Them - 'We Are Sacred' (3:20) this self-penned song didn’t quite make it onto their new single
13. Permanent Clear Light - ‘Refugees’ (6:12) Finland’s finest with a cover of the Van De Graaf Generator song that hasn’t made it onto FdM vinyl (yet)
14. Magic Mushroom Band - ‘Eight Miles High’ - Swordfish edit (3:08) The Magic Mushroom Band recorded this Byrds classic 25 years ago, with Nigel Eaton on hurdy gurdy; now Astralasia’s Swordfish has edited it to create an instrumental especially for this compilation

...all in all, not bad for a freebie?

All copyrights reserved 2014
...hear the tracks.. the vinyl.. ..smell the fish...