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The Luck of Eden Hall

'Crystal Ship' (originally by The Doors)
'Black Sheep' (originally by SRC)
'Bangalore' (The Luck of Eden Hall)
'This Is Strange' (The Luck Of Eden Hall)

alligators eat gumdrops
alligators eat gumdrops

Chicago's finest psych rock band are back!

The band's new album is 'Alligators Eat Gumdrops', and their new 7" EP on Regal Crabomophone features two brilliant tracks from the album, 'Bangalore' & 'This Is Strange', along with two slices of classic 60s US psych rock, recorded exclusively for us – The Door's 'Crystal Ship' and SRC's 'Black Sheep'.
I asked the band's front man, Curvey, to explain....

"Alligators Eat Gumdrops was born an innocent quote by a six year old girl. I twisted and pulled at it with my warped agitator, attaining complete satisfaction with the help of my cohorts and their sonic utensils. 'Bangalore' is a Batgirl does Bollywood number and 'This Is Strange' is all true. The Doors' incredible 'Crystal Ship' has always haunted my favorites bin and SRC's 'Black Sheep' is pure 1968 Detroit psychedelia. Lofgren and myself are Michigan boys...that's where Detroit is...er, was?"
Here's a sample of what you'll be getting....

About The Luck Of Eden Hall
The Luck of Eden Hall was a cosmic force in the Chicago scene of the 1990s, releasing music on Limited Potential Records and their own label, Walrus Records. 1993's ‘Belladonna Marmalade’ still stands as an unrivaled document of the city's neo-psych movement. The band released the album 'Subterrene' in 2007 and followed up with the critically acclaimed 'When The Clock Starts To Wake Up, We Go To Sleep' in 2009 and 'Butterfly Revolutions Vol 1 &2' in 2011, along with their first single on Regal Crabomophone, an instant sell-out (in copy sales, not musical terms, of course).

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