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a man, three bands, a theremin, a sitar and a Mellotron walked into a club...

Who? Never heard of them

First there was Woodstock, then came Monterey, Glastonbury, The Who Live At Leeds, Cliff Richard Live at The Talk Of The Town:
This year's FdM members club freebie is a 7" featuring four of the artists who hit the stage to celebrate Fruits de Mer's first-ever live event - the Summer All-dayer at the Borderline in London on August 10th:

The tracks are and bands are:

Old South - Jack Ellister (Jack Ellister)
I Don't See Myself - Stay (Stay)
Set The Controls For The Heart of the Buddha - Sendelica ('Sun' originally by Pink Floyd)
Lucifer Sam - The Luck of Eden Hall (Pink Floyd)

This is something that i hope will really appeal to FdM members - a 'record' of the Borderline gig, or at least a taster of it - cool if you were there, equally cool if you weren't but wanted to be (I hope). and it struck me as the ideal members freebie as it will appeal to FdM regulars far more than anyone else, so it's this year's freebie - IF you've done as you've been told during 2013, that is.
It was a seriously international event, with Jack Ellister getting the ferry from the Netherlands, Sendelica drove up the M4 from Wales, The Luck of Eden Hall flew in from the USA and Stay drove their van all the way from Barcelona!

Jack kicked things off with a great solo acoustic set ('Old South' is one of his own songs). Sendelica were next on-stage, including Lord Sealand on theremin, and there's an intense version of 'Set The Controls' on the single (taken from their new album). Then came The Luck of Eden Hall - who just about made it from their gig the night before in Wales - and it was terrific to see a Mellotron on the Borderline stage as they ripped through 'Lucifer Sam' (you might remember them covering it on 'Roqueting Through Space'). And then Stay delivered a great psych set, including their song, 'I Don't See Myself'
(The Pretty Things have their own live album coming out very soon so i couldn't include anything from them here, but i think this is a pretty damn-good way of remembering one of my favourite days since FdM began five years back).

There are even a few inserts in there that give the word 'random' a whole new meaning:

a postcard with a montage of photos of the day taken by FdM fans and bands
a copy of The Luck Of Eden Hall's bill for hiring their Mellotron
Stay's parking ticket, courtesy of Camden Council
Jack Ellister's bill for a veggie pie at the Govinda restaurant
An old ad for a theremin, found by Sendelica
a photo of the guys from Stay, with their 'Mersey Dream' single - released that day
A flyer for the gig
A copy of the VIP backstage pass for the gig

- yes, i know, i should get out more.

email me at fruitsdemer7@hotmail.com if you think you're already an FdM member in all but name and can't understand why i wouldn't want to send you a copy of this release

Christian Koch does it again

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