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Rob Gould and friends play
Nursery Cryme - LP+CD
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"This is a bit special...a fabulous record" Terrascope

Fruits de Mer has a bit of history when it comes to recreating albums from the 60s and 70s…The Hollies’ ‘Butterfly’, The Pretty Things’ ‘S.F. Sorrow’, Egg’s first album, The Action’s ‘Rolled Gold’ – but who would be mad enough to take on the whole of the classic ‘Nursery Cryme’, Genesis having escaped the clutches of FdM in any form until now??

Any artist with the nerve to take on such a challenge was bound to appeal to Fruits de Mer, and with Rob Gould he already had ‘history’….on the back of the 'Rob Gould plays Pawn Hearts' LP, released through FdM in the summer of 2021, Rob had the idea of doing a follow-up album, covering another of his all-time favourite bands.

Rob roped in friends from various groups he's been part of over the years, Jay Tausig joined the gang and Icarus Peel added some guitar flourishes - and 'Nursery Cryme' was recreated!

'Nursery Cryme' comes as an LP+CD package - the CD includes everything from the LP plus two bonus tracks; it's pressed on colour vinyl - although there are also a limited number of black vinyl copies available.

And there is (WAS!) a very limited number of special editions, with two bonus CDs and a tempermental wooden musical box to hold them. They sold out in 45 minutes and unfortunately couldn't be offered outside the UK as the musical box mechansisms have batteries embedded in them and wouldn't get through Customs.

you can order 'Rob Gould and friends play Nursery Cryme' now - we're sold out at FdM towers but you can buy direct from Rob if you're in the UK (, or from if you're not; meanwhile if you're not already on an FdM mailing list, click on 'mailing list' at the top of the page and you can make sure you don't miss out on the latest news future FdM releases

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