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One Man's Man...

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double LP
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One Man's Man - double LP
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on sale now

sold out here at FdM Towers but please try Sendelica's bandcamp page, Norman Records or

a new double LP from Sendelica:

Sendelica is a psychedelic rock group from West Wales, formed in 2005, and composed of core members Pete Bingham (guitars and electronics), Colin Consterdine (beats, synths),Glenda Pescado (bass ) and Lee Relfe (saxophones). The band have regularly collaborated with many musicians, artists, film makers and performers over the years and, although primarily an instrumental group, with a variety of vocalists as well.

Sendelica conspicuously wear their influences on their sleeves and their music has been described as blending the hypnotic pulse of Can, the impressionistic atmospherics of Pink Floyd, the motorized proto-punk of Neu, the space patrolling guitar pyrotechnics of Jimi Hendrix and the otherworldly ambiences of The Orb They are also known for drawing inspiration from the local landscapes of Cardigan Bay and the Preseli Mountains and the rich, ancient heritage of the region.

Following on from the critically acclaimed, and sold out, album 'And Man Created God' which investigated the relationship between Man and Religion, Pete Bingham began to look into what made a hominid a 'Man'?
It seems that deciphering when exactly man became 'Man' is as tricky a subject to answer as religion!,so many false starts and dead ends, and even trickier is where are we headed as a species? Extinction or new horizons?
Such are the disagreements between expert Palaeontologists and Anthropologists that one such expert quipped 'One Man's Man Is Another Man's Monkey'.

track listing:
Side One - The Dawn of Man - Homo Habilis and Homo Rudolfensis
Side Two - Homo Erectus and Denisovans
Side Three - Neanderthal and Homo Sapien
Side Four:- Future Man - Homo Superior

Pete Bingham - Guitars, Bass Synth, Mellotron Guitar and Field Recordings Colin Consterdine - Keyboards, beats Lee Relfe - Sax Glenda Pescado - Bass Rhiannon Jones - Viola on Homo Rudolfensis Mika Laakso - synths on Home Rudolfensis and Future Man - Homo Superior

- a double LP of epic instrumentals, 'One Man's Man' is pressed on wild coloured vinyl, with printed inner sleeves, a poster and die-cut sleeve.

There was also a very limited special edition - strictly limited to 100 sets - comprising: vinyl version of the double LP set
...8" one-sided clear vinyl lathe-cut with exclusive early 'Marquee Moon' mix of a track from the LP
...fold-out post with optional pterodactyls
...membership club/card

club members got priority - and they sold out instantly

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