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The Regal Crabomophone Annual for 2014

girls and moths - what more can you ask for?

'Listen With The Moths' by Octopus Syng
'Girls Of Belvoir' by Mark McDowell

The Fruits de Mer Annuals are my escape valve for tracks that I really wanted to release during the year but didn’t get my act together until it was almost too late; the Regal Crabomophone label was set up to allow us to put out original songs as well as covers – so the Regal Crabomophone Annual is where new songs that i reckon deserve to be heard ob vinyl appear when all else fails. Are you with me so far? this year's Annual features two tracks – one by Finland's Octopus Syng, who appeared on the Fruits de Mer psychedelic compilation, 'Keep Off The Grass', and one by a new name to FdM – Mark McDowell.
Octopus Syng's 'Listen To The Moths' has an eerie, squeaky, unbalanced, acid-folk/psychedelic feel to it that worms its way into your brain and stays there (or it has in mine since I first heard it almost a year ago), while Mark McDowell's 'Girls Of Belvoir' is a beautifully-constructed, very classy piece of baroque pop, but with added electric guitar; the song is based on a notorious tale of witchcraft and death at Belvoir Castle in the Vale of Belvoir Leicestershire in the 17th century.
A heady mix and one that you won’t want to miss.
colour vinyl, fold-out poster - it's a bit good, this one.

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