The Recurring Dream of Dr. Sardonicus

Anton Barbeau 'I Demans A Dream'

Custard Flux 'Gelatinous Mass'

London Underground 'St Helens'

The Recurring Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus
various artists

double CD - Friends of the Fish promo CD25

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'The Recurring Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus' will be a double CD packed with artists who have played at one of our summer festivals over the years - a reminder of just how diverse - and amazing - the line-ups have been.

Two and a half hours of music, none of which has appeared on a Fruits de Mer release before - and the only way to get hold of a set is to be an FdM club member AND to buy all of our August vinyl releases.

Full track listing:


1. Alain Pire - Le Grand Voyage
2. Anton Barbeau - I Demand A Dream
3. Babal - Doors
4. Blue Giant Zeta Puppies Semyorka (Part One)
5. Consterdine - Another Girl Another Planet
6. Custard Flux - Oxygen/Gelatinous Mass
7. Fuchsia - The Waves (demo)
8. I Am Voyager 1 - La Novia
9. London Underground - St Helens
10. Moon Goose - The Mysterious Coffins of Arthur's Seat (Live)
11. Mushroom - Fistfull Of Koto!


12. Pinhdar - Toy
13. Sendelica - Let There Be Life
14. The Seventh Ring Of Saturn - Slip Inside This House
15. Spurious Transients - Twilight Ritual For The Successful Upload Of The Departed Spirit Of The Cyber Flower Child
16. Spygenius - Giving Way to Trains
17. The Chemistry Set - If Rome Was Meant To Fall
18. The Fellowship Of Hallucinatory Voyagers - Mindset
19. The Gold Needles - Realm Of The Black Dog
20. The Honey Pot - Fuchsia Smiles
21. The Luck Of Eden Hall - She Falls Down
22. The Telephones - Two Byrds
23. Three Dimensional Tanx - Dwam
24. Z Machine - Big Old Hen

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