'THEME ONE' (written by George Martin)
'OGDEN'S NUT GONE FLAKE' (the instrumental intro - written by The Small Faces)

ee by gum, lad, this takes me back

What can we say? This was our first vinyl to the world. This is the Small Faces, Schizo Fun Addict, Theme One, Van Der Graaf Generator, Ogden Nutty Gone Flake Deluxe. Limited to 300 pressings - and totally sold-out - sorry

Record Collector
"This is what 7inch should be all about! Fruits de Mer is clearly a label of love.. It's first missic to the outside world simply brims over with home-brewed eccentrivity and artistry, featuring superbly executed homages to Van der Graad Generator 'Theme one' on the A-side and The Small Faces 'Ogden's Nut Gone Flake' on the flip. Schizo Fun Addict's versions are pretty faithful to the originals but infused with enough of their own pyshced-up personality to allow them to stand to their own merits. With it's aquamarine vinyl and slightly bizarre inserts, there's something here for the eyes as well as the ears. Well worth sekking out whether you are a fan of the originals or not."

Peter J Brown aka Toxic Pete
"Schizo Fun Addict put raw creativity and fascinating unpredictability back in modern rock music; by juxtaposing simplistic naivety with mature complexity, Schizo Fun Addict take street-wise, guttural pop-rock to new places. Showing a sense of adventure and a mark of respect, Schizo Fun Addict take on two cultish oldies and odditities and bring them alive and kickin' into the 00's"

Translucent Gold Vinyl NuggetsUnpeeled
"SOUNDS LIKE? Mexican brass getting soulful with some heavily drugged prog-rock jazzers, probably why the guitar is so understated and sooooooooo fucking superb, but one of the flippers, “Jenny Says”, is slo-mo mex-brit-pop menace as Lou Reed and The Kinks disintegrate before your ears.IS IT ANY GOOD? Yeah. WHY? Americans get slagged off a lot, mostly deserved, but they’re not all brain-wreck cholesterol cases."

Fran Ashcroft, Happybeat Studios
".It's a cracker. Well chosen tunes, they work very well together and it's about time people were reminded how good that stuff was"

Mick Taylor Small Faces Fan Club
"The ultimate tribute...superb and very original...the best cover I've heard of a Small Faces track in years - awesome!! 10 out of 10"

Mark at Losing Today/ The Sunday Experience
"We must admit to loving this to pieces...the best band you've probably never heard of - Schizo Fun Addict - tangle themeselves up with two certified cherries from the past...much hallucinogenic acid tabs are dropped for the mind arranging psychonaut that is 'Theme 1' - deserving to be filed away alongside Owl Service's excellent 'cine'....flip the disc for the Small Faces' era-defining 'Ogden's Nut Gone Flake'...a supernatural Siren-esque pyche dipped gem...that to these ears sounds like some kind of studio face off between the Adult Net and Strawberry Switchblade - frankly kids how can you resist?"

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