on sale mid-April
Sorrow's Children

early version of the front cover

The Pretty Thing’s classic album revisited

includes EXCLUSIVE Pretty Things live version of 'Loneliest Person'

'S.F. Sorrow' is THE definitive rock opera/concept album. Pre-dating 'Tommy', more fully-realised than The Small Faces''Ogden's Nut Gone Flake' or Nirvana's 'Simon Simopath', S.F. Sorrow was a truly groundbreaking album that still sounds remarkable over 40 years after its inital release.
Andy and I are both huge fans of the album and the band, and what began as a 'private' project of a handful of tracks grew into a full-blown reinterpretation of the album through the eyes, ears, mouths and instruments of some great new artists.
On sale mid-April, the bands and tracks were:

SF Sorrow is Born - The Luck of Eden Hall
Bracelets of Fingers - Sky Picnic
She Says Good Morning - Sidewalk Society
Private Sorrow - Hi-Fiction Science
Balloon Burning - Langor
Death - The Seventh Ring Of Saturn
Baron Saturday - Senrab Mendips
The Journey - Extra
I See You - Earthling Society
Well of Destiny - Jay Tausig
Trust - The Gathering Grey
Old Man Going - King Penguin
Loneliest Person - The Loons
Loneliest Persion - The Pretty Things (live at The 100 Club)


Thanks to Ugly Things' Mike Stax (whose band, The Loons, feature on the album) and The Pretty Things' manager, Mark St. John, Phil May and Dick Taylor agreed to an exclusive interview about the original album, which appears on the centrespread of the album..and Phil and Dick even came up with the 'Sorrow's Children' album title.
...and there's more...Mark St. John gave us an exclusive live version of 'Loneliest Person' by The Pretty Things themselves to add to Sorrow's Children as a bonus track on our album!
It's taken from their gig at London's '100 Club' in December 2010, at which they played the whole of their first album live for the first time ever (that will be released by the band in the near-future - I was at the gig - not to be missed!), but 'Loneliest Person' from the same gig is exclusive to 'Sorrow's Children'.
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We pressed up 850 copies, colour vinyl, gatefold sleeve, everything a homage to a truly great album and band deserves - and they've all gone! (you MIGHT be lucky if you try the shops listed on our 'links' page - but after that it's ebay - sorry!)

As if you needed more persuading that you've missed out on something special, here are excerpts from four of the tracks...

...and here are the culprits...

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