Short Stories

Dim Electrics, with a taster from the CD...

and a track from The Vapour Trails...

Short Stories
various artists

CD - Friends of the Fish promo CD22

free with club members' orders for Rob Gould's July LP

half of a double CD with 'Tall Tales'- completely and utterly free with FdM members club orders for Rob Gould's remake of the classic Genesis album 'Nursery Cryme'; we're cramming around 2 1/2 hours of music in total onto the two CDs, so literally hours of fun.

Just like 'Tall Tales', 'Short Stories' has a deep and meaningful theme that underpins all the tracks on it - they're all under 7 minutes long (there's not much you can teach me me about concept albums).

'Short Stories' features 17 artists, 8 of whom are Fruits de Mer virgins (the fools) and they include Quarkspace with 'Space Folds Upon Itself' - a band who albums I discovered about 25 years ago and I never dreamed would make an appearance on an FdM release!

The full list of artists and tracks on the CD:

1 Bellavista - Shelter Shock

2 The Flower Machine - White Cloud

3 Alain Pire Experience - Summer Days

4 Dim Electrics - I Remember

5 Bhopal's Flowers - Byrd Of The Tree

6 Nick Haeffner - Everything Begins Again

7 The Vapour Trails - See You In The Next World

8 Brave New World - Scarecrows

9 Lords Of Form - A Winter’s Bride

10 The Telephones - Prosaic Turbulence - Dubrek mix

11 Quarkspace - Space Folds Upon Itself

12 Dark Horse - The Sons Of Carpio Are Led Astray

13 Miranda Lee Richards and The Lords of Thyme - London Town

14 Church Of Hed - Prairie Waves

15 Ancient Circle - Kosmische I

16 Quantum Surf Rocket Garage Dolls - Gloria goes Latin (Iris goes RATing)

17 Blue Giant Zeta Puppies - I'm Not Like Everybody Else

check out details of the other half of the set - 'Tall Tales' HERE

I love putting these compilations together - there's so much great new music and new artists out there who I just can't stretch to releasing on vinyl - I hope you find a few sounds that appeal and you want to check out further

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