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7" vinyl
Crustacean 50

'Majic Ship' + 'Sieze The Moment'

"If Hendrix were still alive, he'd love this" Ian McCann, editor, Record Collector magazine

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Long revered as a trade secret amongst record dealers and collectors Simones music is one of the great secrets of the home recording revolution that took root in the late 1980s. Ohio born Al Simones combined his love of 60s and 70s psychedelic rock music with vintage instruments and produced four highly collectable handmade albums between 1992 and 2009. All of them are filled with intense psychedelic guitar music that invokes the energy and passion of his influences - including Jimi Hendrix and Phil Keaggy of The Glass Harp - whilst also possessing the mystery and spiritual intensity that surrounds 70s US private press legends such as Jeffrey Liberman and Mystic Siva. Simones albums have been beyond the reach of most record buyers for many years due to their limited numbers. For those who have never heard Simones' mind blowing music its a revelatory treat.
In 2012, Clear spot Distribution's Headspin label released al imited edition (500 copies) 20th Anniversary box-set, which was a year in the making - a beautiful deluxe 4LP BOXSET, draped in astonishing black velvet, with exclusive full technicolor artwork. The box included all four of al Simones' albums, housed in 450 gsm carton sleeves with two of them being gatefolds:
- Corridor of Dreams (1992)
- Enchanted Forest (1994)
- Balloon Ride (1998)
- From The Electric Cornfield
plus a 13 page 12"x 12" booklet with inside story on the life and times of Simones written by Richard Allen and illustrated with unseen photos and additional mind-tickling and eye-blinding full colour artwork, plus a handnumbered certificate.

Thanks to a Fruits de Mer fan, Nigel Lane, and Johan Visser at Clear Spot, i was able to contact Al and he agreed to let me put out two of his favourite tracks on a 45 rpm 7" - the first time he's ever appeared on a 7" disc! As FdM ends its first half-century of releases on the Crustacean label, it seemed a good time to try to do what Andy Bracken and i set out to do in the first place - put out tracks on 7" singles that really should have been available as singles but never were; the two songs on the FdM 45 are taken from Al's 1999 album, 'Balloon Ride'

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