A Fruits de Mer/Soft Hearted Scientists promo 7"

there's two sides to every single, but this is only one of them

A promo single - very limited, and not for sale, but it will find its way into the hands of contributing artists, early buyers of the strange fish series of albums and a few Fruits de Mer supporters (reviewers and DJs), containing:
‘Euclid Dreaming’ by James McKeown, from the strange fish series
(a 4 minute-ish edit – now the label says it’s from ‘strange fish two’, it’s actually on ‘strange fish four’, but these things happen)
‘Song 4’ (later renamed ‘Tarazed’) by Julie’s Haircut, again taken from the strange fish series
(another 4 minute-ish edit – label says ‘four’, in fact it’s on ‘two’ – confused yet?)
‘Halloween People’ by Soft Hearted Scientists, from False Lights
(now here’s a novelty, it really IS on False Lights)

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All copyrights reserved 2012
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