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The Pretty Things

'S.F. Sorrow'
Live in London

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The Pretty Things' second release on Fruits de Mer is absolutely essential - three exclusive live recordings of tracks from 'S.F. sorrow', recorded at the 100 Club in London, combined with a terrific archival find from 1969. So that means...
'S.F. Sorrow Is Born'
'She Says Good Morbing'
'Baron Saturday'
plus that other track - it's a great live version of The Byrds' 'Renaissance Fair' from an amsterdam gig in 1969 - never released on any official Pretty Things record before - could life be any better?
Well , yes it could - the band agreed to let me adapt Phil May's original artwork to the 'S.F. Sorrow' album for the Fruits de Mer release - AND it's a varnished gatefold sleeve - just like the original (except smaller) - sod me, this is good stuff for any psych/vinyl/Pretties fan
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here's a taster...

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