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double CD - Friends of the Fish
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available early June
free with club members' combined orders for the new Chemistry Set LP
and Rob Gould double CD

If there's one thing better than a free and exclusive FdM members club compilation CD, it's two free and exclusive FdM members club compilation CDs; Sound Clouds was planned as a single CD to go out with our June 'commercial' releases but the tracks kept coming in and they sounded too good to turn away so, to paraphrase The Spice Girls, one became two and the meagre FdM budget got blown to pieces once again.

Sound Clouds I and 2 comprise music from 22 artists, the majority of whom will be making their first appearances on a Fruits de Mer release; as usual, we've travelled the globe via the interweb-thingy to find music to share with you from the Americas, Europe, even India to tickle your aural tastebuds.

The full track listing is:

sound clouds 1

1 Astral Magic - The Gateway Experience (5:06)
2 El Universo - Monkeys and Apes (3.58)
3 Computerchemist - Mellotron Blues (8:02)
4 Home Brewed Universe - Day After Samaria (4:42)
5 Wyndham Earl - Concentric Circles (6:21)
6 Transmecanic Black Dawns - Under The Dome (6:26)
7 Neu!_and - Between The Seasons (3:32)
8 Parricus Memorialis - At High Water (8:44)
9 Yaatra - Hacia Dónde Vamos (4:12)
10 Fulmen - Geckos (7:20)
11 Kazarus - Into The Abyss (4.53)
12 Thought Bubble - Now Boarding (4:28)
13 Astral Magic - Land Of Mu (5:06)

sound clouds 2

1 Duir! - A Visit to the Tomb of Thomas de Redying (4:17)
2 Reunion Island - Lyceum (4:37)
3 Jean d'Auberlaque - La Vallee (7:38)
4 Vision Eternel - Pièce No. Sept (3:47)
5 Nathan Hall and the Sinister Locals - The Kraken of Roath Park Lake edit (8:49)
6 Alex Silva - String Theories (5:56)
7 Desert 9 - Hot Times In Spaceship (13:35)
8 Kali Bell - New Earth (8:26)
9 Astralasia and the Lost Stoned Pandas - Monster (10:35)
10 (bonus track) Blue Giant Zeta Puppies - 40 Million Miles To Earth (When Worlds Collide) (4:12)

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