sold out strange fish

it's strange, it's fishy, it's....

a series of albums from Fruits de Mer that features original, instrumental tracks influenced by classic krautrock, kosmische sounds, motorik beats, progressive rock, acid-jams, minimalist and ambient music, old and new. If you enjoyed 'Roqueting Through Space' and 'Head Music', I think you'll like these - and if you didn't buy those, but love Neu!, Klaus Schulze, the Brain and Ohr labels, extended prog rock tracks, side-long ambient pieces, more modern ambient sounds such as Hammock and Robin Guthrie (they're not on albums, i'm just giving a 'for instance'!), acoustic guitar + electronics tracks - well,I hope you'll give the samples that I've been posting on the site a listen

strange fish four - an LP compilation of acoustic guitar+electronics/synth/'modern ambient' tracks

it's strange, it's fishy, it's....

side 1 (23:26)

Cat Frequency
1 - Dreaming Of A Wooden Fish (3:15) more on Cat Frequency

Organic Is Orgasmic
2- Chinese Horoscope (3:43)
3- Lifeless Void (3:32)
more on Organic Is Orgasmic

Zenith:Unto The Stars
4 - Juno Quartet (2:26)
5 - Con Bala (4:52)
more on Zenith:Unto The Stars

The Vox Humana
6 - Shortwave Radio And The Ionosphere (5:43)

side 2 (21:02)

James McKeown
1- Avebury (3:00)
2 - Euclid Dreaming (4:21)
3 - Ursa Minor (2:56)
4 - Sublime Knight Elect (4:46)
more on James McKeown

Temple Music
5 - Dreaming of Flying East (3:30) more on Temple Music

The Bordellos
6 - Spirals (2:32) more on The Bordellos

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