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'For The Moment vol 1' - LP
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Finland's Superfjord return to Fruits de Mer for the first time in far too long with a live album.

Superfjord combine psychedelic rock with progressive and spiritual influences, hypnotic rhythms and free-flowing improvisation. The band’s two albums ‘It Is Dark, But I Have This Jewel’ (Suomen Musiikki), and 'All Will Be Golden' (Svart Records) along with their ‘Coltrane’ and ‘Zappa’ 7-inches on Fruits de Mer Records have picked up great reviews both in Finland and internationally.

Improvisation has always been at the heart of the band and in concert Superfjord have found themselves gradually tipping the balance between composed and improvised music evermore in favour of the latter.

'For The Moment, vol. 1' is the first release in a series of live recordings that aim to capture Superfjord at their purest, in a way studio recordings can’t match. This album features excerpts from the band's January 2020 concert at Helsinki's G Livelab; the venue's state-of-the-art audio set-up and intimate atmosphere allowed the band an ideal opportunity to chase the moment where band and audience travel together - the album is all about what happens in that moment.

If you need any reference points, the band suggest The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, 70's modal/spiritual jazz, kosmische music and Gong, although they’re constantly trying to develop their own sound.

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