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Us and Them
'By The Time It Gets Dark'

'By The Time It Gets Dark' (witten by Sandy Denny)
'Jabberwocky' (written by Lewis Carroll/Donovan)
'Do I Know You' (written by Us and Them)

Fruits de Mer's favourite Scandanavian duo do what I've been quietly hoping they would do for a long time - reinterpret one of Sandy Denny's songs.
Heresay? I don't think so, and Sandy is my favourite female singer EVER - no question;
I know I'm not alone in that view.
Britt is rare in having a voice capable of doing justice to Sandy's compositions and, with Ander's light and sympathetic arrangement, she does exactly that - one of Sandy's lesser-known songs,'By The Time It Gets Dark' is simply beautiful, and wipes the floor with any other Denny cover I've heard - by a mile. I hope the feedback it will surely get will encourage them to revisit Sandy's songbook in the future.
Add to that 'Jabberwocky' - a delightful version of Donovan's own reworking of Lewis Carroll's prose - taken from his 'HMS Donovan' album, and finish with a new, epic song written by Us and Them and this is a pretty magical way for Regal Crabomophone to start 2014.

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