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Fruits de Mer Records turns 15 years old this spring and it feels like a good time/excuse to launch a series of retrospectives, featuring artists who have supported the label consistently over the years, for some inexplicable reason.

And as we launched Fruits de Mer as a vinyl label back in 2008, just at the point when vinyl was declared dead and buried, what better time to launch a series of CDs as the compact disc is widely reported to be in terminal decline? That said, we are doing our best give the CDs a bit of vinyl feel, thanks to Sam Giles Design, who I hope will also be taking care of the design of our future releases in the series.

This first CD focusses on Swedish duo Us and Them, whose contributions to the label began with a Pink Floyd coverin 2009, moved on through songs from ‘The Wicker Man’ and tributes to Sandy Denny, fitting in some self-penned songs along the way; Britt Rönnholm has a voice capable of doing justice to Sandy Denny’s songs, something few could justifiably claim, and she is always supported instrumentally by her partner Anders Håkansson.

‘An Introduction to Us and Them’ comprises twelve tracks taken from their FdM outings together with four ‘bonus’ tracks, chosen by Britt and Anders from Us and Them from recordings that have appeared on other labels (yes, other labels do exist).

1 Julia Dream Of All The Pretty Little Horses (Pink Floyd/trad) (6.56) originally released as Crustacean 09 7" single
2 Home To Stay (Tudor Lodge) (2.57) from Crustacean 09 7" single
3 Corn Rigs (Giovanni) (3.09) from 'Songs From The Wicker Man' - Crustacean 20 7" EP
4 Willow's Song (Giovanni) (5.40) from 'Songs From The Wicker Man' - Crustacean 20 7" EP
5 Butterfly (Hollies) (4.00) from 'Re-Evolution - FdM Sings The Hollies - Crustacean 37 LP
6 By The Time It Gets Dark (Denny) (3.48) from Winkle 14 7" single
7 Do I Know You? (Us and Them) (6.34) from Winkle 14 7" single
8 We Are Sacred (Us and Them) (3.30) from ‘Lobster Disque’ - promo 02 CD
9 Winterwinds (Denny ) (2.06) from 'Fading Within The Dwindling Sun' - Crustacean 75 10" EP
10 The Banks of the Nile (Denny) (8.53) from 'Fading Within The Dwindling Sun' Crustacean 75
11 What Did you Do To My Life? (Young) (4.15) from 'Sunny Spells' - Crustacean 93 7" EP
12 Annabel Lee (Poe) (9.21) from 'The Darkest Voyage' - strange fish twenty 6CD set

Bonus tracks (not previously released by Fruits de Mer):
13 When I Was Walking (4.17) – from their own 7” single
14 From The Corner Of My Eye (4.27) – from their own album, ‘On Shipless Ocean’
15 Among Antiques And Things Left Behind (4.04) – from the compilation ‘On A Distant Shore – 4 Examples On Display’
16 Evening Song (4.33) – from their album ‘…and i observed the blue sky’

....and although this is a CD, we had to make the CD look at bit like a vinyl release, all thanks to Sam Giles Design...

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