Fruits de Mer Volume 10
'What Colour is Pink?' EP

Limited-edition pink vinyl 7", with pink labels and a pink sleeve
(subtle, or what?)
the birth of vinyl - somehow this one slipped through the net at the prssing plant

on sale April 2010

To quote Record Collector magazine, "this hairy bunch of psychedelic motherf*ckers from Dusseldorf are back, as they take three classic post-Syd Pink Floyd tracks and recapture the spirit of 1968... 'Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun' 'Let There Be More Light' 'Saucerful of Secrets' - 13 minutes of cosmic, psychic, vibravoidic, pinc brilliance." it any wonder it SOLD OUT in days?

More press quotes....

" imagines Klaus Dinger grinning down from that endlose gerade in the sky. The wallahs at Fruits De Mer Records are my kind of peopleoids: committed yet irreverent, cheerfully proud of the fact that they have lost money on every release so far. God bless and preserve you, gentlemen."

"I'm completely blown away"
Nick Leese HeyDay Mailorder

"wonderfully warped stuff...a simply stunning slice of wasted and out there bliss;essential purchase - so off you pop now."
Losing Today Magazine

Piccadilly Records, Manchester - Record Of The Week

Sold Out!

All copyrights reserved 2010
...hear the tracks.. the vinyl.. ..smell the fish...