'A Phase We've Been Through'
FdM Vol 17
commercial suicide is painless


We've put together a home-made CDr of tracks by bands that we've worked with during 2010. Completely free, totally exclusive and a very silly thing to do from any commercial perspective i can think of, this will be given away by us to friends who've supported us by buying direct from us through the year, plus the bands themselves, and a select few reviewers and shop owners who've given us the time of day when it's alot easier for them to stick with the major labels, big distributors and bands with an obvious following and sales appeal - thank you all


We've been totally reliant on bands to give us their tracks for nothing, with no prospect of anything in return, and gawd bless 'em, that's exactly what they've done, creating a 17-track collection of covers and original songs - many of them ONLY AVAILABLE on this release. If you got hold of one of our Christmas 2009 cassettes, you'll kind of know what to expect. The only way to be certain of geting a copy at this late stage is to join the FdM Members Club and buy all our autumn 2010 releases
- email andy@fruitsdemerrecords.com for more information on the club

We reckon that it's a compilation that stacks up against any comps released in 2010 - where else would you find bands like Permanent Clear Light, Vibravoid, Stay, The Sw!ms and Hausfrauen Experiment, not to mention covers of tracks by The Pretty Things, Serge Gainsbourg and a Finnish carol.


This was sent exclusively to FdM members, bands and supporters - it's long, long gone, never to return

The tracks...

1. Head South By Weaving 'Variation On A Theme (By Santa)' (Lockett)
2. The Luck Of Eden Hall 'Wonderful Red Stockings' (The Luck Of Eden Hall)
3. Zombies Of The Stratosphere 'Century Schoolbook' (Zombies Of TheStratosphere)
4. Hi-Fiction Science 'PSK' (McKeown)
5. Stay 'Watching The Detectives' (Elvis Costello)
6. Chemistry Set 'The World Is Hollow And I Touched The Sky' (The Chemistry Set)
7. Vibravoid 'La Vie En Düsseldorf' (Vibravoid)
8. Campbell Stokes Sunshine Recorder 'Magic Rocking Horse' (Tony Newman)
9. James McKeown 'Dark Sky Park' (McKeown)
10. Hausfrauen Experiment 'Chick Habit' (Laisse Tomber Les Filles (SergeGainsbourg))
11. Cranium Pie 'Run To Survive' (Rob Appleton)
12. Rob Clarke & The Wooltones 'Tracey Emin’s Blues' (Rob Clarke)
13. Sendelica 'Evil Woman' (Weigand, Weigand, Waggoner)
14. Sidewalk Society 'She Says Good Morning' (The Pretty Things)
15. Zeuk 'Green' (Marc Roberts)
16. The Swims 'Jingle-Jangle' (Brian Langan)
17. Permanent Clear Light 'Me Kaymme Joulun Viettohon' (Music: MarttiTurunen, Lyrics: Mauno Isola)

- see, told you it were good, like.

...and here's where you'll find the bands:
1. All done by Graeme Lockett facebook.com/pages/Head-South-by-Weaving
2. The Luck Of Eden Hall can be explored at luckofedenhall.com
3. Dig up Zombies Of The Stratosphere at myspace.com/zombiesofthestratospere
4. Read and study Hi-Fiction Science at myspace.com/hifictionscience
5. Stay a while at myspace.com/staysongs
6. From the CD "This day will never happen again" (hypnote records/dead bees records/tsunami music) Produced by Manel Ibanez myspace.com/thechemistrysetuk
7. Vibravoid—enter the void at vibravoid.com
8. Recorded by Andy Morten at home in Somerset in November 2010—more sunshine at myspace.com/campbellstokessunshinerecorder
9. James McKeown goes solo at jamesmckeown.bandcamp.com
10. Recorded and produced at Hexenhauschen 2010—a clean house awaits at myspace.com/hausfrauenexperiment
11. From the forthcoming Mechanisms LP—craniumpie.co.uk
12. Recorded at The Garage. Mixed by Fran Ashcroft at Happybeat (hello Fran!). myspace.com/robclarkethewooltones
13. Spend a dark Sunday with Sendelica at myspace.com/sendelicapsyche
14. Sidewalk Society share pretty things at myspace.com/sidewalksociety
15. Marc Roberts - Guitar / Vocal. Noel Le Conte - Violin . Recorded and produced by 'Sorvan' in the Grove 2010—myspace.com/zeukx
16. Dive in to The Swims at theswims.blogspot.com
17. Arranged by: Markku Helin, Arto Kakko, Matti Laitinen and Jussi Virkki.


All copyrights reserved 2010
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