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Cardigan, August 4-6 2017

Fruits de Mer Records' annual three-day festival

Buy your ticket, pack your sleeping-bag, book your B&B, break the news to your bank balance and liver - we'll be back in Cardigan in 2017 for the 15th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus festival

...and what a line-up we have confirmed:
The Bevis Frond
Anton Barbeau
Earthling Society
The Telephones (acoustic set)
The Cary Grace Band
The Spookers
Deviant Amps
Red Sun
Mark McDowell and Friends
and DJ Wally Stagg

The wonderful Mantle Brewery are our sponsors once again, there'll be an FdM quiz on Friday night, a goodie-bag on Saturday and a free Sendelica 7" on Sunday, plus vinyl/merchandising stalls on Saturday and Sunday - what's not to like?

do try to get along for the Friday night sessions - doors will open around 7pm and we'll have Earthling Society headlining and The Telephones playing an acoustic set, as well as Fuchsia flying over from Australia for a rare live appearance

Pete Bingham is in charge again, and will add details as he gets them on a facebook page given over to the festival here
and early bird tickets are on sale here...there aren't many left!

Here are the timings for the three nights...
FRUITS DE MER QUIZ 7.30 - 7.45
THE TELEPHONES ACOUSTIC 8.00 - 8.30 FUCHSIA 9.00 - 10.00

CHARIOTS 5.00- 5.40
RED SUN 6.00 - 7.00
ANTON BARBEAU 7.30 - 8.30
SENDELICA 8.45 - 10.00
THE BEVIS FROND 10.30 - 12.00

THE SPOOKERS 3.30 - 4.30
DEVIANT AMPS 5.00 - 6.00
CARY GRACE BAND 6.30 - 7.30
BABAL 8.00 - 9.30

FdM GOODIE-BAG we're putting together the traditional free FdM goodie-bag of stuff and it will include NINE exclusive CDs - everyone attending on the Saturday (with a ticket!) will get a complete set:

15th dream of dr. sardonicus CDs
OPEL CD - tracks by a mid-90s indie/folk/electric band that didn't get further than a Bob Harris session on GLR radio but left behind some great songs that will finally see the light of day on this festival special

SUSPIRIUM CD - an exclusive compilation by Suspirium, taken from their back-catalogue of over 40 albums! Suspirium is or are the duo of Brian Vogt and Tony Osborne and their music ranges from electronic to cosmic sounds

ROB GOULD CD - Rob Gould is providing a first-time-on-CD copy of his album, 'The Sad Robot Declared Peace With Himself'; you'll know Rob from his contributions to a number of FdM compilations, as well as his own solo releases and as Fula - more details at the bottom of the page

NoMen CD - The Nomen will be contributing an exclusive compilation, 'Straight to Dave', which includes stuff they’ve recorded which has never had proper releases, things that ended up in deleted digital albums, YouTube videos or very limited edition CDRs (or even cassettes!) plus an epic track from their most recent recording session and a couple of collaborations, thrown in for good measure!

FAST CARS CD - an Australian band who started in the original days of the Sydney Mod Scene (1980-1984). Reformed in 2015, their six track CD is titled ‘RAREBITS’ and will include some rare Fast Cars recordings including several tracks never previously released and two new recordings made especially for the Festival CD

UNDONE CD - Undone are a neo-psychedelic collective based in Macedonia. Their compilation is called 'Harbor' and compiles songs from their four albums 'If We Are Here' (2011), 'Indeed' (2012), 'Family' (2016) and 'kNOWing Eva' (2017)

THE STRIPED BANANAS CD - a neo-psych band currently based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Their fourth album is being released in July and will feature their classic atmospheric harmonies and driving psychedelia. Their exclusive 'Forbidden Fruit' sampler CD is a brief flavoring of all four albums

FdM COMPILATIONS - I'm putting together two FdM CD comps for the goodie-bag - one featuring artists that are playing the festival, and one featuring artists that aren't! A bit more work to do on these, but this is what I've been promised at the moment..
15th Dream Fruits de Mer compilation another 15th Dream Fruits de Mer compilation
If you're a fan of Fuchsia...well, we're going to have something very special for you (as well as seeing the band play live) - 100 copies of the first-ever release on vinyl of Fuchsia II!

We'll also have 75 copies of an exclusive Bevis Frond lathe-cut 7" for sale on the Saturday
bevis frond lathe-cut
- and 50 copies of Cary Grace's new version of Pink Floyd's 'Fat Old Sun' on a one-sided 12" lathe-cut on Sunday
cary grace lathe-cut

so, If you haven't bought your tickets yet, what are you waiting for?

oh, and how about a first-night competition prize worth over £200?
Record Collector magazine LP prizes
our sponsors, Record Collector mag, have come up with over £200s-worth of their own albums for the winners of the Fruits de Mer Friday night quiz - get there early, the quiz starts around 7.30pm!
if you're not already on a Fruits de Mer mailing-list, please email
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...hear the tracks.. the vinyl.. ..smell the fish...