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colour vinyl double LP + lathe-cut 7" + CD and more
16th Dream Of Dr. Sardonicus Festival live special edition

from Elfin Bow's lathe-cut 7"
a few excerpts from the LPs...

The 16th Dream Of Dr. Sardonicus Festival Live
special edition

colour vinyl double LP
plus lathe-cut 7" + CD + posters
winkle 36se

on sale at the 17th Dream festival

We'll be selling a limited edition of the double LP at this year's festival - including:

- the original double LP - on blue or black vinyl
- a bonus CD of tracks from last year that we couldn't squeeze onto the double LP, including Nik Turner and Sendelica
- a 7" lathe-cut by Elfin Bow comprising 'Edith's Song', recorded at the festival, along with her studio recording of 'Grimshaw and the Finger Claw' (on black or clear vinyl)

plus two A2 posters

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