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sorry - sold out

7" - colour vinyl - crustacean 66

nick nicely

'49 Cigars' (original version)
'Belinda' (exclusive mix)
'49 cigars (exclusive live recording)
'Lobster Dobbs' (from the Lo Recordings LP, 'Space Of A Second')

How do you follow 'Hilly Fields'?
With its original b-side, of course

nick nicely gives Fruits de Mer a second chance by letting us release the wonderfully warped '49 Cigars', originally released in 1980.
And then he gives us an exclusive live recording of the song to go with it, just to make the whole thing pretty special.
Pushing our luck, we ask if we can include 'Belinda', from his latest album - so nick remixes it for us and - not knowing when to stop, i say can we add in the wonderfully-titled 'Lobster Dobbs' to round things off? "Yes"

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