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the honey pot ascending scales ascending scales vinyl

The Honey Pot
Ascending Scales Double LP
vinyl - winkle 25

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Fruits de Mer's 100th vinyl release of course it has to be a rather special one - and it is.

Icarus Peel, Crystal Jacqueline and The Honey Pot have created a double album of new songs along with classic and obscure songs from the 60s/early 70s - which just about sums Fruits de Mer up

They would have done a superb job of it on their own - but they have roped an astonishing cast of Fruits de Mer and Honey Pot friends and family to contribute to create something pretty remarkable and I'm proud to claim it as FdM's 100th vinyl release

Who is involved, I hear you ask? Let's start with Nick Saloman (The Bevis Frond), Dick Taylor (The Pretty Things), Judy Dyble (Fairport Convention/Trader Horne), James Lowe (The Electric Prunes), the guys from July, Ilona V, Anton Barbeau, Ade Shaw (Hawklords), Us and Them, Bruce Woodley (from Buggles!)...
It's a lot of fun and it's been brought together remarkably well by Icarus - every track crafted in the studio - not one improvised jam in sight!

here's the full list of artists involved:

Crystal Jacqueline
Icarus Peel
Wayne Fraquet
Simon Fear
John Wyatt

SPECIAL GUESTS (in alphabetical order)
Anton Barbeau
Peter Cook
Iain Crawford
Gregory Curvey
Tony Durant
Judy Dyble
Jack Ellister
Cary Grace
Peter Jones
James Lowe
Jim Newman
Tom Newman
Steve Palmer
Brian Rushbrooke
Nick Saloman
Ade Shaw
Mordecai Smyth
Tabatha Smyth
Dick Taylor
Us and Them
Ilona V
Bruce Woolley

It seems only 8 years ago that FdM released its first record – and that’s probably because it was in 2008. We’re now coming up to our 100th vinyl release – on sale at the end of the year – which will be this double LP by The Honey Pot called ‘Ascending Scales’, a mix of classic and obscure psych/prog/rock covers and Honey Pot songs.

To celebrate, we invited a bunch of people to lend a helping hand to Icarus Peel, Crystal Jacqueline and the rest of the Honey Pot band during the recording sessions, including Dick Taylor from The Pretty Things, James Lowe from The Electric Prunes, Tom Newman and Peter Cook from July, Nick Saloman and Ade Shaw from The Bevis Frond, Judy Dyble, Anton Barbeau, Tony Durant from Fuchsia and many more Fruits de Mer friends such as Cary Grace, Us and Them, Gregory Curvey and Jack Ellister.

Icarus Peel – main man in The Honey Pot - made it all happen and describes the process...

“We were so pleased and proud to be asked by Keith at Fruits de Mer Records to produce something for their 100th vinyl release. With so many great bands he could call upon we considered it a real privilege. The guidelines were basically to include as many guests as possible and to perform some of our old songs, some new, some borrowed and some current Honey Pot tracks. It was a delight to correspond and include some of our favourite musicians and although fingernails were bitten, multiple Solpadine soothed headaches were endured, it all got done in time. The actual recording was done in our studio in Devon with contributors sending their parts over the internet with the honourable exception of Cary Grace, who joined us for a wonderful weekend to sing with Crystal Jacqueline. The whole experience was summed up by Us and Them who texted me to say they could not believe all the people they were joining in with. It just remains to book The Albert Hall for the “Ascending Live” show and subsequent triple album…”

1. 1969 (guest James Lowe)
2. Solomon Deep (guest Dick Taylor)
3. Love Is Green (guest Jack Ellister)
4. Dr Crippen's Waiting Room (guest Anton Barbeau)
5. Can't You See The Witch (guest Cary Grace)
6. Half A Memory (guests Peter Cook and Tom Newman from July)
7. Sitting All Alone (guests include Judy Dyble and Us & Them)
8. I've Been So Tired 7:02

1. Time Machine (guests Nick Saloman and Ade Shaw)
2. Lucky Spaceman (guest Gregory Curvey from The Luck Of Eden Hall)
3. Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow (guest Steve Palmer from Mooch)
4. America
5. Into The Deep (guests include Bruce Woolley from Buggles)
6. River Runs By (guest Tony Durant from Fuchsia)

Here are a couple of tasters...

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