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lathe-cut 7" / promo CD
Bevis Frond - Fronds of the Fish CD

The Bevis Frond
Fronds of the Fish
lathe-cut 7" - Friends of the Fish 18
CD - Promo 14

7" Release Date: 15th Dream festival / CD - free to FdM club members

The Bevis Frond - exclusive demos

Nick Saloman has very kindly given us two unreleased demos from the sessions that led up to the release of 'Example 22' - 'Speechless' and 'Stripped Of Emotion' - to make available at the festival and to club members
We'll have 75 copies of a 7" lathe-cut for sale at £10 a time at the 15th Dream (one per person, first-come-first-served!) and the promo CDs will be free to club members who order all three of FdM's July releases, either direct from me or from Heyday Mail Order, nice and early.

Nick and the band are only scheduled to play a handful of UK gigs this year - don't miss them in Cardigan!

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