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A New Career In A New Town
a second compilation of Bowie covers - a members club free exclusive
CD - crustacean 77

Release Date: Available December

Last year's 'Fashion' compilation didn't quite signal our new-found obsession with Bowie the way we hoped, with the great man dying a few weeks after the release.

Since then, 2016 has turned into something of an FdM Bowiefest, with subsequent FdM releases by Cary Grace, Consterdine, Sendelica and Sidewalk Society and, before we give the guy a well-earned rest, we're going to have one last blast of covers - and this compilation is going to features several new faces as well as some old friends of the label

'A New Career In Town' includes contributions from Anton Barbeau, Cary Grace, The NoMen, Jay Tausig and a live version of 'Rebel Rebel' by Jack Ellister and a cast of thousands, taken from a live jam recorded at our 14th Dream festival!

a members-only release - and then only for members who buy all the December 'official' vinyl releases direct from me, or from Nick at Heyday Mail Order - it lurches gracefully from solo to band, acoustic to electronic, faithful to...out there

Here's the full track listing:

A New Career In A New Town - Jack Ellister
Ziggy Stardust - Anton Barbeau
V-2 Schneider - The NoMen
Queen Bitch - Cary Grace
Heroes - Blue Giant Zeta Puppies
Rock'n'Roll Suicide - Joseph Cave
Fame - Clay Cambeck
Star - The Seventh Ring Of Saturn
Lady Stardust - Mark and the Clouds
Bewley Brothers - Jay Tausig
Warszawa - Consterdine
We Are The Dead - Rob Gould
V-2 Schneider - The Spookers (Spurious Transients remix)
The Laughing Gnome - The Past Tense
Rebel Rebel - Jack Ellister and friends (live at the 14th Dream festival)
Jean Genie - Steve Barnes

...and here's a preview of the tracks by Mark and the Clouds, Rob Gould and The Spookers...

just to add to the fun, there'll be four versions of the cover designs, all styled by Ben Hendry and David Baker, and distributed randomly

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