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Friends of the Fish 8
Cary Grace + Consterdine

8" lathe-cut black vinyl
Limited to 50 copies
for sale at Games for May 2016

Cary Grace 'Black Country Rock' + 'Sound & Vision'
Consterdine 'Sound & Vision'

I promise we were already committed to this before David died, and we're going ahead with it - two tracks taken from the members club 'Fashion' compilation CD plus a new version of 'Sound & Vision' from Cary completed especially for this release. Other than a few copies for each artist, and a few for the FdM archives, there will be just 50 copies available for sale - and we'll have them all at Games For May 2016 at the Half Moon on May 29.

They'll be £10 each and it'll either be 'first-come-first-served' or something like that.

...and yes, they'll be 8" discs - it's something 345rpm (the lathe-cutters) offer, and it seemed to weird to ignore. We produced an oversized single sleeve many years ago - when i didn't know how to work the photocopying machine - but at least this will be an odd size on purpose

All copyrights reserved 2016
...hear the tracks.. the vinyl.. ..smell the fish...