Fruits de Mer sticks a first toe in the deep and murky water of releasing new material, by holding hands with...

Fruits de Mer
Regal Crabomophone 1

no test-tubes were harmed in the making of this record

ok, now this is exciting - we've created the sister label we've long-discussed, with the intention of giving a few of our favourite bands the chance to premiere some of their finest new material on strictly-limited vinyl. It's called Regal Crabomophone, and we're going to do our best to ensure we keep up the standards we've tried to build over the last three years.
And we're starting out with a stunning new track from that great UK band, The Chemistry Set - 6 minutes+ of swirling psychedelia as seen through the eyes of The Happy Mondays, Chemical Brothers, Stone Roses, but most of all, The Chemistry Set. It's called, 'Impossible Love' and reviews have described it as "perfect", "genius", "the best single of 2011" and "the best single in years" - bet you can't wait (we can't anyway) fact, you don't have to - here's a sneak preview

...and if that's not enough...

The b-side is The Chemistry Set's cover of The Rolling Stones' 'We Love You', renamed 'We Luv You' by The Set; if you think you know it and love it from their latest album, you haven't heard this remixed version - Manel Ibanez has psyched it to the max (which is 100% by the way, we don't go in for 110% and the like) to create the 'Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It' mix - the perfect companion to 'Impossible Love'.

It looks as good as it sounds - it's on cool blue vinyl, it's limited to 500 copies and it's been flying off the shelves (ok, we can't actually afford shelves) - an instant collectors item if ever there was one.

Sold Out!
The Chemistry Set - Impossible Love

The Chemistry Set/Fruits de Mer press release:

The Chemistry Set
7" colour vinyl single

'Impossible Love'
'We Luv You'
(Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It mix)
Regal Crabomophone (Winkle 1) - a Fruits de Mer Records release
On sale May 31st 2011

Fruits de Mer Records is proud to announce the new single by London's leading psych-pop band The Chemistry Set, on a newly-created sister label to Fruits de Mer Records, Regal Crabomophone.

The Chemistry Set have quite a history. Veterans of the late 80's neo-psychedelic boom, they helped pioneer a pivotal phase in modern psychedelic history leading to the Madchester craze unfolding around them and its quick absorption of electronic music.

With Factory/Hacienda boss Tony Wilson amongst their fans, The Chemistry Set reached the Indie Top 20 as they were featured in both UK mainstream and underground music press. Receiving regular airplay on John Peel's show (John even went so far as to sending the band a hand-written fan letter!), the band split in 1991, took a short break from performing of around 17 years!!!! until The Chemistry Set 'MACH II' reappeared in 2008. Their return came about when their unreleased LP from 1989, 'Sounds Like Painting' somehow was uploaded onto numerous blogs and was downloaded over 10,000 times.

The Chemistry Set have released two CDs since their return ('Alchemy#101' & 'This Day Will Never Happen Again') both of which have been heralded with critical acclaim and national radio play in the UK, America and Europe. The plaudits continue to come in:

Clint Boon [Inspiral Carpets + XFM DJ] : "The Chemistry Set are a f**kin great band"
David Axelrod [Composer/Arranger/Electric Prunes/Genius!]: "Real music! Music that makes you think and really listen to"
Ian Fraser (Terrascope) "It's absolutely criminal that two men this talented aren’t household names and living in the lap of luxury"

...and we at Fruits de Mer were delighted to be able to include a phased-to-the-eyeballs version of their cover of the Del Shannon masterpiece 'Silver Birch' on our 2010 LP 'A Phase We’re Going Through' (which Geoff Barton at Classic Rock made his album of the year, we mention with false modestly).

Now the band start 2011 with a new 7" colour vinyl single on Fruits de Mer - 'Impossible Love' - 6 minutes of stunning, swirling, Stones Roses-meet-Chemical Brothers psychedelic rock. It's the first 'non-cover' track released commercially by Fruits de Mer, so we've only gone and launched a new label to accommodate it - Regal Crabomophone - wit all thhe usual FdM hallmarks of classic psych/prog rock/krautrock/acid-folk/ludicrously-limited vinyl pressing, but with an occasional all-new track added to the mix when we hear something we just can't resist ( rest assured there'll be a new Fruits de Mer 7" out very soon - watch a space similar to this one).

'Impossible Love' has been described by Pop Junkie as "genius" and "think Stone Roses before the drugs took over". Strange Brew described it as "the best single I've heard in years", so we had to find something special for the b-side (for the uninitiated, that's what 7" vinyl releases have); so The Chemistry Set came up with a 'Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It' mix of their cover of The Rolling Stones' 'We Love You' (or 'We Luv You', as the band prefer) – a serious head-trip in its own right. We think Fruits de Mer fans will love it

Launched in 2008 on a wing and a prayer, Fruits de Mer Records is small, independent, DIY and proud of it; a real 'label of love', as Record Collector magazine described us..."this is what 7" should be all about", they concluded. Shindig recently called us their favourite singles label, while Classic Rock said, "think Charisma, think Island...think Fruits de Mer" (we got a bit smug at this point, then the bank manager phoned and we crashed back to earth).

We persuade brilliant new bands to reinterpret classic and wilfully obscure tracks from the sixties and early seventies with love and affection, but always with their own personal stamp on them: psychedelia, progressive rock, acid-folk, krautrock, spacerock – we love ‘em all.

The Beatles, Van Der Graaf Generator, Nick Drake, Rolling Stones, Neu!, Caravan, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Brainticket, Small Faces, Nico, Pink Floyd and more – been there, covered them – but all thanks to artists such as Vibravoid, Cranium Pie, Sendelica, Mark Fry and now The Chemistry Set.

Oh yes, and vinyl...always vinyl – colour vinyl, at that; because, in our humble opinion, music on vinyl sounds better, looks better and means more to the people that buy it. That's what we think, anyway.

We're up to volume 18 of Fruits de Mer Records, with more to come very soon, and now we're launching a sister label – we're calling it Regal Crabomophone. All the same principles apply, the only difference is that Regal Crabomophone releases will include the occasional, exceptional, original track as well as those, hopefully, brilliant covers. Will it work? Who knows, but we think The Chemistry Set's 'Impossible Love' is a great place to start.

All copyrights reserved 2010
...hear the tracks.. the vinyl.. ..smell the fish...