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3 x 10"
Cromlech Chronicles III Cromlech Chronicles III vinyl

The Cromlech Chronicles III
3 x 10" - winkle 32

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Sendelica are back on the Fruits de Mer label just in time for the 16th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus festival in Cardigan, and with something of a harder edge for this latest installment in their Welsh chronicles.
As it's Part 3, it has a 3D front cover and come as a set of three 10" colour vinyl records - all just for the hell of it.

And it's pressed on colour vinyl, naturally.

Here's a little context to the new recordings...

In 2006 Sendelica recorded their debut album, Entering The Rainbow Light, at Mwnci Studios in the magical landscape of West Wales.

It was to be almost another decade before the band returned to that studio in what has now become a regular gathering of like minded musical souls in search of new musical paths that have become known as the 'Cromlech Chronicle' sessions.

An annual two days of simply playing, improvising and recording to see where the musical muse leads us. August 2017 saw the regular Sendelica line-up swell its ranks to a six piece band with the addition of a second drummer Gregory Curvey and keyboardist Roger Morgan.

After 2016's recordings of cerebral ambiance, the new line up explored both pastoral pastures in 'Teifi Marshes', '12 Shades Revisited' & 'Star Flower Blossom' alongside searing psychedelic prog workouts 'Slow Burner', 'BS', & 'Lost City Of Cardiza'.

Rather than giving you the usual little taster, you can check out the whole release on Sendelica's Bandcamp page CLICK HERE

or you can see a video promoting the opening track 'BS' CLICK HERE

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