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Cromlech Chronicles II make your own chocolate Cromlech

The Cromlech Chronicles II
box set
strange fish ten
special edition

sorry - sold out on pre-orders

as if the new LP from Sendelica wasn't enough, there'll also be a 110-run box-set edition (I'll have 55 sets, Sendelica will have 55 sets)

Each set will contain:
the Cromlech II LP
an exclusive Sendelica Drone Band live DVD
a random copy of one of the 2017 Sendelica FdM festival/Half Moon gig one-sided 7"s - either 'Nite Flights' or 'Yellow Snow'
a Cromlech II t-shirt
an A2 poster of the front cover
a set of 7"x5" postcards
a 'make your own dreamcatcher' kit
and a 'make your own chocolate cromlech' kit
(yes, it's a real Blue Peter special)

...all in a box that's going to be a bugger to post!

sorry - all copies sold to club members well in advance

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