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Special Edition box-set - Winkle 23SE

'The Cromlech Chronicles'

As the main run of Sendelica's 'Cromlech Chronicles' LP headed rapidly towards a release-day sell-out, the Fruits de Mer offshore factory diverted production to come up with 100 special edition box-sets
. The sleeve is the same, the album is the same (except it's on dazzling black vinyl), so what has the box-set got going for it that makes it so special?, it comes in a box, a box that looks remarkably like the Chemistry Set box, except it's got the 'Cromlech Chronicles' cover design on it.

What else?
...a CD of an early version of the sidelong Chromlech Suite (a side of a vinyl album, that is)
...a DVD containing a film of the making of the album
...a set of 6 12" prints of the band in action
...a Cromlech Chronicles slipmate
...a piece of cromlech bluestone
...a set of Satori chopsticks

...and a couple of other things

...and, of course, it sold out on day one

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