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Decade/Decayed Edits CD

Swordfish and the Toad mixes
CD - Promo 18

Release Date: 16th Dream festival - free to everyone

Decade/Decayed - excerpts from the road trip and coastal path mixes

While I was trawling the FdM archives compiling the tracks for 'Goldfish', Marc Swordfish was in another boat entirely, with a different net, doing his own thing, armed with a bunch of tracks from the FdM cellar that artists had agreed to let him loose on.

The result is a series of mixes - whole tracks, excerpts of tracks, strange links - that will be released as members club CDs in the second half of 2018 - exclusive CDs, not for sale, so don't ask, etc, etc...don't you wish you were a club member by now? Why aren't you (cue more etc, etcs)

BUT all is not lost - everyone who comes along to the 16th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus festival will get, as part of the FdM goodie-bag, an introductory CD with edits/new versions of two of the long mixes to give you a taster of what the autumn holds (or doesn't, if you're not a club member).

It's a sneak preview of his road trip and coastal path mixes and features recordings by:

Cranium Pie
Anton Barbeau
Soft Hearted Scientists
The Seventh Ring Of Saturn
Dead Sea Apes
Jay Tausig
Schizo Fun Addict
Beautify Junkyards
Us and Them
Claudio Cataldi
Kris Gietkowski
and Astralasia

...enjoy the trips...

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