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Deep Sea Exploration

Deep Sea Exploration
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CD - Friends of the Fish promo CD7

free with club members' early November orders

The latest members club exclusive compilation CD features nine artists, many of whom are new to the Fruits de Mer label, delivering a collection of powerful instrumentals, often exploring the darker side, that should have you checking out their new releases/websites for more.

Familiar-to-FdM names such as Insektlife Cycle and SEN3 are joined by seven new ones, including Custard Flux (Gregory Curvey's new project) and Ax Genrich & Sunhair.

All the bands and tracks have been selected by FdM for your listening pleasure BECAUSE THEY'RE GOOD - their inclusion isn't paid for by the artists, or their labels, they're all on the CD because we think they'll appeal to fans of the kind of music Fruits de Mer releases on vinyl.

So ignore those Mojo and Uncut giveaway CDs, join the FdM members club, buy our early Nov vinyl releases and have a listen to this instead; 70 minutes of great music by artists that need and deserve more exposure.

If you're a Fruits de Mer Records club member and you pre-order our early November full-run vinyl releases - direct from FdM or from Heyday Mail Order - you'll get the CD free and for nothing; if you're not, you won't.

Here's the full track listing:

Custard Flux - Echo
Cosmic Juice - Moon Pillow
Insektlife Cycle - Temple Of Our Soul
Silenzio - Princess
Alber Jupiter - Flying Turtles
Ax and Sunhair - Spaceship Memory
SEN3 - The Rinse
Beyond The Dune Sea - Embryo
Vision Eternel - Killer Of Giants

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