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one-sided LP
Tony durrant Ensemble

Tony Durrant Ensemble
(aka Fuchsia)
first demo
one-sided LP strange fish thirteen

Release Date: sold out

a special run of 100 copies of the first 15 minute demo by Fuchsia, before they were called Fuchsia.

The track only exists on one, slightly knackered, acetate - owned by Tony. He had it cleaned up as much as possible for inclusion on the Fuchsia double LP reissue - and you'll find it there. But the acetate label is so intriguing, crediting the recording to 'Tony Durrant Ensemble' - that i persuaded him to let me get 100 one-sided 12" run off in time for the 16th Dream festival.
The sleeve just has a slightly-doctored acetate label stuck to the front and a few words of explanation by Tony on the back, while the disc itself just has the acetate label, with "strange fish thirteen" added to it.
I'm hoping Tony will be persuaded to autograph a few copies while he's at the festival.

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