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Us and Them
Fading Within The Dwindling Sun 10"
vinyl - crustacean 75

sorry - sold out

Winter Winds (written by Sandy Denny)
Farewell, Farewell (written by Richard Thompson)
Next Time Around (written by Sandy Denny)
Banks Of The Nile (trad.)
Take Away The Load (written by Sandy Denny)

"When you consider the wealth of releases and the names who’ve graced the label – the pretty things, soft hearted scientists, beau, vibravoid, the chemistry set et al, as impeccable and illustrious the FdM back catalogue is, this might just well be the finest thing they’ve put out to date" Mark Barton, The Sunday Experience

This is a bit of a dream come true for me.
Sandy Denny is my favourite singer - ever - no question; anyone who tries to reinterpret a song that belongs to Sandy is on dangerous ground, but Britt from Us and Them has a remarkably pure and warm voice that is perfectly suited to the task, as she proved when the duo covered 'By The Time It Gets Dark' two years ago for the label; with my encouragement, Us and Them have spent over a year working on five songs that Sandy made her own and to my ears it's time very well spent - Britt's Scandanavian tone just adds to the beauty of the recordings, as does partner Anders' sympathetic backing, aided by Tony Swettenham's keyboards.

I'm probably a bit too close to the songs and the project to say anything constructive here - this is Fruits de Mer's first 10" release and I wanted it to be special - i think it is

Here's one track....

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