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Custard Flux
limited-run LP (+ bonus CD) - Friends of the Fish 37

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13 new Custard Flux songs from The Luck of Eden Hall’s main man Curvey.

13 new Custard Flux songs, eight on the LP and five on the Bonus CD - Custard Flux is Curvey's new, mostly, electricity-free outlet featuring an 1890s Harmonium, Piano, Double Bass, Guitars, Violin, and Drums. Heavy acoustic tracks featuring outstanding performances by Walt Prettyman on Violin, and Timothy Prettyman on Double Bass, and there’s even one electric guitar solo by the apparently unrestrained Curvey. “Rules are meant to be broken. eh?”

Echo was released on CD in 2019 and garnered outstanding reviews, placing at #4 on the Reviews Editor of Prog Magazine’s Best of 2019 list, while Goldmine Magazine’s Dave Thompson says, “Echo is no less the child of Syd Barrett, Andy Partridge and a flock of fellow psych explorers than their glorious debut album Helium!”

This limited edition LP is pressed in two color choices: 100 LPs are pressed in a blend of opaque Orange and transparent Sky Blue, 150 LPs are pressed in transparent Midnight Blue. All include a Bonus CD of previously-unreleased songs.

The LP is being sold direct by the Gregory Curvey (aka Custard Flux) - NOT by Fruits de Mer - make sure you get your order in via his Bandcamp page as all of the 'colour-in-colour' copies are already sold out and only a few of the transparent blue copies remain CLICK HERE

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