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Regal Crabomophone winkle 21
The Endless More And More
LP - in a stunning gatefold sleeve

...but you may still be able to get gold vinyl copies from FdM stockists, including Heyday Mail Order, Rough Trade, Those Old Records and VOD (see our 'links' page for website details)
NB: as the LP has sold out so quickly, we've had 100 CDs in gatefold sleeves produced so the band can sell them direct to fans who would otherwise miss out - for ordering details please email
Dave McLean direct - chemistrysetdave(at)

...or check out the band's BANDCAMP page for details of the album download

"If you enjoy drinking Tizer laced with Space Dust, if your beaker of Irn Bru isn’t complete without a sherbet lemon fizzing away at the bottom, then you’ll find the Chemistry Set’s latest confection of acid-pop pastilles nigh-on irresistible" Geoff Barton, Classic Rock

"The Endless More And More represents what can be achieved when you take a genre such as psychedelia, which you’d think had been rinsed dry by now, yet approach it with an expertise and passion" Malcolm Dome, PROG magazine

"it's wonderful and timeless, best get your orders in, a stone cold classic" Andy Young, Terrascope

The Chemistry Set have quite a history. Founded by Dave Mclean and Paul Lake in 1987, the band are veterans of the alternative Manchester label “Imaginary” and cassette only label “Acid Tapes”; they helped pioneer the late 1980’s neo-psychedelic boom. They counted Factory Records boss Tony Wilson amongst their fans (they appeared on his TV show). They also received regular airplay on the legendary John Peel’s show (Peel even went so far as to sending the band a hand-written fan letter!) andhave been championed by mainstream media such as The Times Sunday, Record Collector, XFM, 6 Music and Classic Rock as well as underground fanzines like Bucketful of Brains and Freakbeat.
Fruits de Mer launched the Regal Crabomphone imprint so we could release a single by the band and our relationship with Dave and Paul has continued through a number of singles and contributions to compilations.
Now we're quite gobsmacked that they agreed to release their new album, 'The Endless More And More' on Regal Crabomophone. A combination of tracks from their FdM singles and new recordings, it's sheer class from start to finish - AND IT RUNS FOR 55 MINUTES!

These are two of the tracks on the new album...

...and if that's not enough to have you rushing to track down a copy, there's a cracking fold-out periodic table in every copy, designed by Mick Dillingham!

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