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"Get yr hands on one of the rarest, craziest psych releases ever"
Phil Alexander, Editor in Chief, MOJO

Regal Crabomophone winkle 21SE
THE CHEMISTRY SET : The Endless More And More
special edition : Double LP - silver vinyl

We have produced 230 special sets of The Chemistry Set's instant sell-out new album.
100 copies are available to international club members via Heyday Mail Order and 100 'extra special' sets have been sold by me exclusively to FdM club members in the UK (sorry, the nature of the extra extras means that we are not able to ship copies outside the UK); the band have the other 30 sets

The 'standard' special edition includes the original album - on silver vinyl - plus a bonus 12" containing the band's version of Jimi Hendrix's 'Love or Confusion', a dance remix of the track (Fruits de Mer heresy!) and a mind-melting sidelong ambient remix by Astralasia's Marc Swordfish. The package will also include a double CD containing the music from both albums, a set of 16 postcards and a print of the cover signed by Dave McLean and Paul Lake (aka The Chem Set!).

The 'extra special' includes all of the above PLUS a DVD, test-tube rack and test-tubes (filled with sherbert), a tote-bag and one or two more goodies that are too silly to mention

"If you enjoy drinking Tizer laced with Space Dust, if your beaker of Irn Bru isn’t complete without a sherbet lemon fizzing away at the bottom, then you’ll find the Chemistry Set’s latest confection of acid-pop pastilles nigh-on irresistible" Geoff Barton, Classic Rock

"The Endless More And More represents what can be achieved when you take a genre such as psychedelia, which you’d think had been rinsed dry by now, yet approach it with an expertise and passion" Malcolm Dome, PROG magazine

"it's wonderful and timeless, best get your orders in, a stone cold classic" Andy Young, Terrascope

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