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Friends of the Fish 7
Ex Norwegian + Permanent Clear Light

7" lathe-cut black vinyl
Limited to 50 copies
sold out in minutes!

Ex Norwegian 'It's A Game'
Permanent Clear Light 'Corneville Skyline'

I couldn't cope with the idea of no more FdM releases in 2015, so this was a little something to see out the year - a very limited lathe-cut 7" (courtesy of featuring two tracks that lifted my spirits when i heard them; they arrived at FdM Towers within a couple of days of each other and seemed to me to work together to make a nicely-balanced split 7".

Finland's Permanent Clear Light will be well-known already to many FdM fans, they have appeared many times on the label; here they contribute an all-new song, which their main man Markku Helin reckons might well be the best thing they're ever committed to vinyl - and who am I to disagree?

Ex Norwegian are appearing on a Fruits de Mer release for the first time. They are, as you might have deduced from the name, based in America; anyway they sent me on spec their version of a song originally recorded by String Driven Thing, who recorded for Charisma in the early 70s, but 'It's A Game' might be more familiar as a 1977 hit for...The Bay City Rollers! (rumour has the the Rollers heard about this impending single and have decided to re-form on the strength of it). A bostin' version, as i might have put it at school in the Midlands 45 years ago, and occasionally still do.

There were just 50 copies cut for sale - only available to FdM club members and all club members had a chance to try to buy a copy
I received almost 200 requests!

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