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lathe-cut 12"
cary grace - fat old sun cary grace - fat old sun lathe-cut

Cary Grace
Fat Old Sun
friends of the fish 19

Release Date: 15th Dream festival

a one-sided 12" clear vinyl lathe-cut

We'll have just 50 copies for sale at the 15th Dream festival (Cary will have a further and final 35 to sell after the event), featuring Cary Grace's extended version of the Pink Floyd song, 'Fat Old Sun', which could so easily have featured on FdM's 'Side Effects' box-set had Cary recorded it at the time!
Released to coincide with her band appearing at the festival, I asked Cary to explain the background to the recording...

“Several years ago, I heard this incredible recording of 'Fat Old Sun' from a John Peel session in 1972. It was one of the most stunning live performances I'd ever heard, so of course I gave Andy Budge a copy, and he was as enthusiastic about it as I was. We didn't do anything with that immediately, but last year when we were working up some live material for the return of The Cary Grace Band to the gigging circuit, both of us remembered it, and when we decided to add 'Fat Old Sun' to our set, that BBC recording was the obvious template for an arrangement. I like to think that we have made it our own and taken it somewhere else, but that it retains some of the spirit and atmosphere of the original recording that drew me to it in the first place. After more than a year of performing the song live, it was time to do a recording, and that is when I got in touch with Keith at Fruits de Mer, and this limited-edition lathe-cut was born.”

Guesting on the recording is violinist Graham Clark, longtime collaborator with Daevid Allen

The Cary Grace Band will be playing at various festivals this summer with special guest guitarist Gregory Curvey (from The Luck of Eden Hall), as well as a double bill gig on August 4th with The Luck of Eden Hall at The King Arthur in Glastonbury. Up-to-date gig information can be found at .

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