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Fish Might Fly
Friends of the Fish promoCD4
Release Date: Free With The Static Caravan Split 7" in Early December

- 'Fish Might Fly' is an FdM compilation of recent, current and possible future tracks on the label, and from Jack Ellister and The Insektlife Cycle, comprising:

1. V-2 Schneider - The NoMen - originally by David Bowie - taken from crustacean 77 a CD for Fruits de Mer Records club members
2. Strange Roads - Sidewalk Society - originally by The Action - taken from crustacean 73, a 7” ep
3. Can't Wait Til Sunday - Moloko+ - written by Moloko+ - taken from Friends of the Fish 14, a lathe-cut 7”
4. Fuchsia Song - Fuchsia - written by Tony Durant - taken from the ‘Fuchsia II’ CD, and a possible future FdM release
5. Awake - Jack Ellister - written by Jack Ellister - taken from his forthcoming 7” EP on You Are The Cosmos Records
6. Dr Crippen's Waiting Room - The Honey Pot - originally by The Orange Machine - taken from ‘Ascending Scales’ winkle 26, a double LP
7. Ropes'n'Strings - Claudi Cataldi - written by Claudio Cataldi - taken from winkle 22, a 7” ep
8. I Will be Absorbed - Gietek - originally by Egg - taken from a possible future FdM release
9. Moonsong : Pelog - Crystal Jacqueline - originally by the United States Of America - taken from winkle 24, a 7” ep
10. The Sorceresses' Apprentices - Astralasia - written by Astralasia - taken from crustacean 74, a 7”ep+CD
11. Insekt’s Circus - The Insektlife Cycle - written by The Insektlife Cycle - taken from their debut LP on Weary Bird Records

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