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a members-only bonus
strange fruit and veg

CD (Friends of the Fish promo 2)

another lovingly-compiled CD that we're then giving away to FdM club members, this time to everyone who orders their copy of the Cranium Pie double LP nice and early from Nick Leese at Heyday, or direct from me.

to be honest, this was originally going to be just a bit of fun - a quick compilation of a few waifs and strays that didn't quite fit anywhere else - sneaked into some members club vinyl parcels in spring 2015 but, as is often the case round here, it's got a mind of its own and has turned into 75 minutes of weird and wonderful sounds - From covers of Syd's 'Vegetable Man' and Amon Duul II's 'Archangel Thunderbird' to Jimi's 'Hey Joe' and Lemmy's 'Ace of Spades', with Tyrannosaurus Rex, The Rolling Stones, The Velvet Underground and a couple of original songs thrown in for good measure!

Culprits include The Crawlin Hex, Magic Mushroom Band, Todd Dillingham, Vert:x and Jay Tausig, with first appearances on Fruits de Mer by the excellent Trojan Horse and The Telephones, plus Vince Cory (aka Vortex) from Red Elektra '69 and Lenny 'The Thanes' Helsing's Green Telescope (with a track from 1985!).

here's the full track listing...
'All Over The World' (Strange Fruit)-Crystal Jacqueline
'(What's Happening At)The Psychiatrist' (Big Bird and The Steam Shovel)-Topos Locos
'Here She Comes Now' (The Velvet Underground)-Claudio Cataldi
'Ohio' (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young)-Trojan Horse
'She's A Rainbow' (The Rolling Stones)-ZX+
'Hummingbyrd' (The Telephones)-The Telephones
'Archangel Thunderbird' (Amon Duul II)-Mauve La Biche feat. Cary Grace
'Who Do You Love?' (Juicy Lucy, originally Bo Diddley)-The Crawlin Hex
'Ace Of Spades' (Motorhead)-Jay Tausig
'Circles' (Hawkwind)-Vert:x
'King Of The Rumbling Spires' (Tyrannosaurus Rex)-Magic Mushroom Band
'Hey Joe' (Jimi Hendrix)-Todd Dillingham
'Tomorrow Never Knows' (The Beatles)-Rob Gould
'Drome' (Vince Cory)-Vostok
'I'm A Living Sickness' (Calico Wall)-The Green Telescope
'Take A Heart' - alt version (The Sorrows)-Schizo Fun Addict
'Martians Don't Surf!' (Blue Giant Zeta Puppies)-The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies
'Vegetable Man' (Syd Barrett)-The Mystery Crystals


if you're going to miss out on this because you're not a club member, but you're thinking of buying all/most releases on Fruits de Mer in 2015, stop kicking yourself and kick someone else, email to find out more about the members club

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