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lathe-cut 7" / CD
bevis frond lathe-cut

The Bevis Frond
Fronds of the Fish
lathe-cut 7" (friends of the fish 29)

lathe-cut : on sale at the 17th Dream festival

The Bevis Frond are returning to Cardigan in early August to headline the 17th Dream festival and once again Nick Saloman has kindly given me two previously-unreleased home demos for a limited-run lathe-cut that we'll have for sale, first-come-first-served, at the FdM stall on the Sunday.

side 1) CRUEL WORLD is an original home demo with Nick playing everything. The song was re-recorded with the full band and appeared on the ‘White Numbers’ album.

side 2) NAUTILUS another home recording with Nick doing everything, but this song has never appeared on anything. The Frond tried a band version, but Nick didn’t like the way it came out.

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