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Cranium Pie
The Geometry Of Thistles
fake Japanese and Korean editions

Cranium Pie released their first album, 'The Geometry of Thistles' on their own Lunartica label a few years ago. After that, they and Fruits de Mer stumbled into each other and the rest is hysterical.

Anyroadup, Tim from the band found a stack of 'Thistles' CDs under his bed a while ago and asked me if i could do anything with them. Rob Appleton came up with some of the postcards and inserts that helped make up the original release and I happened to have a load of pristine 1960s labels to American tins of crab (don't ask), and lo - the fake Japanese edition of 'The Geometry of Thistles' was born.
It's a club members exclusive and it's free to those club members who got their orders for our April 2016 releases into me 9or to Heyday Mail Order for international club members) nice and early.

That would be the end of the story, but then Tim emailed me to say he'd found another 100 it happens, a couple of hours earlier I'd bought 300 labels to tins of Jonesport sardines on ebay (I know, I know..) and so we will also have a fake Korean edition - and that will go out in some random way to club members who order our August 2016 releases.

and that's it.

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...hear the tracks.. the vinyl.. ..smell the fish...