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Kris Gietkowski
pic disc LP
vinyl - strange fish eight

first run - sold out : 100 copy repress - sold out
my supplies of the original pressing
sold out on pre-orders
I've ordered 100 more - in theory, they've sold out too BUT...
I'm hoping the pressing plant will overdeliver
so please email me to get on the waiting-list

tracks from Egg's first album - recreated by Polish multi-instrumentalist Kris Gietkowski.

So I was idly having a wander round youtube, looking for inspiration/hidden gems when I happened to find a cover of a track from Egg’s first album – the first ‘out there’ album I bought (over 45 years ago), I fell in love with the original album, playing it constantly - in fact, it’s responsible for much of my obsession with music ever since.
‘While Growing My Hair’ had been posted on youtube two years ago by a group called ‘Gietek’ but had less than 1,000 views – but it was wonderful, it took me back to 1970! After much chasing, Gietek turned out to be the work of ONE MAN…Kris Gietkowski; he had recorded much of Egg’s first LP (and much more) for his own enjoyment and was a bit shocked that some silly sod with a little record label wanted to release any of it – but I did – and there IS more to come, but for now, here is most of Egg’s first, and very wonderful, first LP, re-recorded by a guy called Kris Gietkowski – I don’t think Fruits de Mer’s original aim to be “willfully obscure” has ever been summed up better.

Kris shares a little of his story….”I was born in Poland, didn't have any good instruments so I improvised. I used old radios to make their amplification circuits to distort my acc guitar and keys. I made a lot of music that way. Some of it I still have on my PC drive, for purely sentimental reasons. Very early experimental stuff. Then I moved to the UK ten years ago, got my electric and bass and keys, then Hammond organ with Leslie, then sold it and bought Nord C2, hoping to play with others. I saw England as a musician's heaven but that soon changed. I went to different jam nights, open mics, etc. My last audition - the three guys were shocked and displeased when I suggested tempo change and two drum breaks with a bass solo in one song (I never heard from them since might I add...). Why do people want all those restrictions? Isn't music a form of art?”

The album is limited-run colour vinyl - the first pressing is intended to look a bit like a poached egg. There are/were only be 350 available for sale - club members had to take priority and that means I had to declare a sell-out a month before the release-date as between the club and trade orders I had none left.
I arranged an even more limited repress - only 100 copies available for sale - they are colour-in-colour again, but this time yellow in transparent purple - very fetching, I hope; unfortunately they're all gone too, snapped up within 24 hours!
...but I'm hoping to get a few extra, so please email me if you'd like to be on the waiting-list

meanwhile, here's one of the tracks...

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if you're not already on a Fruits de Mer mailing-list, please email
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