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Head Quarters

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Head Quarters
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free with club members' late-September orders

'Head Quarters' is a compilation CD of krautrock tracks from FdM's back and future catalogue - it was intended for a krautrock conference (of all things!) that was due to take place in Dusseldorf in May, but went the way of so many events.
So instead club members will get a copy if they order our September vinyl releases.

It's a sort of krautrock introduction to FdM, with tracks taken from 'Head Music', 'shrunken Head Music' and two of our 2020 German-influenced releases - one of which we haven't actually unveiled yet.

The CD line-up is:

Intro - Eroc (from 'Head Music')
Lila Engel - Palace Of Swords (from 'Head Music')
Ruckstoss Gondoliere - Dead Sea Apes (from 'Head Music')
Nearby Shiras - Vibravoid (from 'Head Music', but remastered)
China - Bevis Frond (full-length version of track that appeared on 'Head Music')
Rubycon Part 1 - Black Tempest (from 'shrunken Head Music')
To Another Universe - Frobisher Neck (from 'shrunken Head Music')
Ocean Of Tenderness - Maat Lander (from 'Head in the Clouds')
Krautrock - Das Blaue Palais (from 'Head Music 2')

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